Professional development system for teacher training

Lesson Recorder is a video based professional development platform used by teachers to reflect, analyse and share best practice.

The system can be used to record, store and create lesson videos for a single classroom or the schools entire student population.

Each lesson recording can record from multiple video cameras, capturing the teachers delivery, the computer or presentation screen, the class interaction and the audio with automatic voice transcription.

Secure viewing access is provided via a secure login, only those with the correct authorisation can view lessons. Video creators have the option to share videos with single individuals or groups.

Recent user studies have demonstrated that providing teachers and students with lesson recordings improve grades by up to 15%.

Five further uses of Lesson Recorder:

1. Live broadcast of lessons.

2. Students who cannot attend school can still view the lesson.

3. Students with learning difficulties or have English as their second language can review a lesson at their own pace.

4. Students can create their own videos and upload them to the system to form part of their coursework.

5. Teachers can flip the classroom and provide parts of the lesson on video prior to the actual lesson.


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Lesson Recorder allows a total re-thinking of the nature of teaching and learning in schools. While many schools will use the system for teacher training  the system has the capability to grow into being used to record every lesson.

If you would like more information or see the system in action please feel free to get in touch.