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Lesson Recording at a glance…

• Allows teachers and students to improve their skills and to capture, archive and learn.
• Share best practice video clips and provide feedback to students and staff
• Use for curriculum development, lesson reviews, staff recruitment and sharing best practice
• Ensure maximum safety of teachers, staff, students and assets
• Turns recordings of lessons into a powerful personal analysis and development tool
• Recordings can become part of teachers’ CPD portfolios, supporting accreditation and career development
• Assess staff performance and provide a permanent record of key lessons for benchmarking and preparing for Ofsted visits
• Improve the quality of teaching in your school, boost exam results and league table positioning, maximise pupil roll and funding
• Not a centralised ‘Big Brother’ system – recording systems remain in the classroom and can be turned on and off by the teacher
• Support your reputation. By demonstrating your actual performance you can support funding applications and offer examples of real class activities to parents of prospective students
• Address challenging behaviour and other issues
• Monitor and comment on real-time classroom activities to build professional expertise
• Remote viewing of lessons for excluded pupils
• Evaluation of serious incidents / allegations / bullying, etc
• Reviewing interviews and test lessons
• Highly flexible and may be tailored to the exact needs of your school or college
• Fully approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
• Systems include Data protection guidelines and Policy Guide for the use of cameras in classrooms