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Outsail Video Solutions

Outsail develop solutions to capture lessons on video. Videoing lessons can be particularly useful in providing feedback  to help improve teaching skills either by self reflection or peer coaching.

Recorded lessons can also be used to help student grades by providing students with the ability to revise lessons and for teachers to flip the classroom change their ways methods of teaching.

We  work with schools, colleges and sporting associations to implement video with the aim of  improving results. We can provide the full solution including hardware, software, support and training or just part of your requirment . We integrate our lessonrecorder software with equipment from the leading video providers and all our equipment is:

• Fully approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
• High-quality, state-of-the-art technology, cost-effective

• Systems include Data Protection guidelines and Policy Guide for the use of cameras in classrooms
• Allows teachers and students to improve their skills and to capture, archive and learn from their classroom activities
• Share best practice video clips and provide feedback to students and staff
• Use for curriculum development, lesson reviews, staff recruitment and benchmarking best practice
• Ensure maximum safety of teachers, staff, students and assets
• Turns recordings of lessons into a powerful personal analysis and development tool
• Recordings can become part of teachers’ CPD portfolios, supporting accreditation and career development
• Assess staff performance and provide a permanent record of key lessons for benchmarking and preparing for Ofsted visits
• Improve the quality of teaching in your school, boost exam results and league table positioning, maximise pupil roll and funding
• Not a centralised ‘Big Brother’ system – recording systems remain in the classroom and can be turned on and off by the teacher
• Support your reputation. By demonstrating your actual performance you can support funding applications and offer examples of real class activities to parents of prospective students
• Address challenging behaviour and other issues
• Monitor and comment on real-time classroom activities to build professional expertise
• Remote viewing of lessons for excluded pupils
• Evaluation of serious incidents / allegations / bullying, etc
• Reviewing interviews and test lessons
• Highly flexible and may be tailored to the exact needs of your school or college