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We provide video cameras and software for  fixed observation rooms and mobile solutions.

The Benefits of using video for lesson observation include;

Unobtrusiveness - A camera is less obtrusive than an in-person observation. The camera quickly becomes one additional piece of classroom technology that is easily forgotten by the students. The result is the dynamics of the lesson remain unchanged and observational data is more likely to be valid and reliable.

Return on Investment - A shared library of best practice can be developed within the school leading to savings in CPD costs. In addition remote observation can pay for itself through savings in travel and  teaching cover costs.

Environmentally Sustainable Classroom Observation – Observation is a critical component of effective induction, professional development, and educational research. However, driving to observe classrooms in person is neither economically nor environmentally sustainable. we enable  remote observation that allows observation without the large carbon footprint associated with travel.

Collaboration: Videoed lessons can be used for a variety of applications including: student observation, lesson capture, initial teacher training, NQT’s, CPD enabling collaboration with other associated schools.

Benefits of Fixed camera observation rooms compared with Mobile cameras:

1. High quality video footage and sound every time.

2 There is no set up required by the teacher or technician prior to the lesson.