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We have been supplying Dartfish to schools for several years and currently Dartfish is used in 1500 UK Schools, Colleges and Universities.  We also supply this into Elite sport and there were 400 medal winners at the 2012 London Olympics using Dartfish.

Dartfish is the most popular sports analysis software around and with our first hand knowledge of video analysis in the education sector we provide teachers and coaches with this world class video analysis software for any sporting activity or coursework involving sport or analysis of movement.

In addition to its use in schools for PE Dartfish can also be used across the curriculum, for example dance and drama, Dartfish is successfully used for skills analysis and annotated video has be used by students  for submission of evidence to examination bodies at A level through to degrees.
Key features and applications of Dartfish software in education include:
Live Delay: provides visual feedback offering pupils the chance  to see themselves performing new skills, focus on technical improvements and develop kinaesthetic awareness.
Analyser: Provides tools for teachers and students to critique, annotate and enrich video clips. Analysis includes using side by side comparisons, through to advanced angle tracking, the Analyser offers a comprehensive solution across the curriculum.
Mediabooks :Provide an efficient way to present and share video and the associated notes and comments.
 Mediabooks can be used for a single skill or team analysis. They are also used to  form an entire portfolio of evidence for examination bodies.
As well as providing Dartfish software we provide all the hardware required for Dartfish installations.This includes Laptops, Cameras and  Tripods. We also are the Dartfish approved UK training centre.