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Using video for teacher training

Once a teacher overcomes the initial hurdle of seeing and hearing themselves on video they quickly start to notice their teaching methods, this process alone will improve the quality of their teaching. Once a teacher becomes familiar with reviewing themselves on video  they progress to discussing lessons with peers and video becomes a natural part of this review process.

Once video becomes established as part of the CPD toolkit schools often build a video library of best practice, this is particularly useful for teachers new to the school.

Lesson videos can also be provided to students that were unable to attend a particular lesson (say through ill health of exclusion) and to help with revision. Videoed lessons are also used as evidence that the school has good CPD processes in place.

Outsail have provided over 500 schools with video solutions. In addition to providing software and hardware we also can supply and install fixed or mobile lesson observation rooms.

We also provide support, training and consultancy help ensure you get the best possible value from your investment.

How to assess if videoing lessons will be of value to your school.

There are several things that need to be considered prior to investing in video equipment.

Firstly what are you looking to achieve, most schools succeed with video if they provide the equipment on a opt in basis so that only those teachers that show an interest in improving their skills by the use of video are asked to run with the initial deployment. Once this has been put in place the next cohort will usually come to the fore as they will have heard the initial teachers positive experiences of video.

You will also need to decide if you need fixed cameras  in a few classrooms, a  mobile camera unit or both. The key requirements for fixed or mobile are that the system should be

  • Easy to use.
  • Provide high quality video and sound
  • Secure access to the video lessons.

Easy to use

Fixed observation rooms are generally easier to use as they are already set up in the room and will provide  the best  quality of video and sound, the teacher need do nothing other than deliver the lesson.

High quality video

To ensure that every aspect of a lesson is captured we typically install two wide angle cameras per classroom, these are  high definition cameras so that every detail of the teaching and learning process  is captured during the lesson. Later on when reviewing the lesson you can see everything thats happening in the lesson and as the cameras are high definition you can zoom in on perhaps a detail on a students notes that may be relevant for the review.

Multiple microphones

If you have ever videod a lesson you will know that sound is the most inportant part of the process and in many ways sound is more important than the video. We often supply classrooms with multiple microphones, these can be fixed or wireless. All the microphone channels can be easily overlaid onto the video to get the optimum video and sound for the particular focus of the lesson.  For example if the focus of the lesson was on group discussions, the microphones nearest the group would probably offer the best sound and these would be linked to the best video. If the focus was on the teachers skills then the video would be linked with the microphone recording that was nearest the teacher.

Other uses of videoing lessons  includes building a library of shared best practice can be stored for future CPD needs.

Whilst there is no need to have another teacher present during the lesson some schools like to review the lesson whilst the lesson is in progress. This can be facilitated connecting the camera server to the school network once connected its possible to observe the lesson remotely via the school network.

Who uses video for lesson observation?  

Hundreds of schools have invested in our lesson observation video technology, these include Colleges, Secondary Schools and Primary Schools. If you wish to speak with or visit a nearby school using video for lesson observation please email and we will send you a list of nearby schools.